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Published date: August 5, 2022
  • Location: Lajpat Nagar Part 4, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Mouth ulcers (sometimes referred to as aphthous ulcers or even canker sores) are small, but clearly defined round or oval sores that form within the mouth. And, to put it mildly, they are painful! These little beasts are very common, and most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. They are more common in women and in young adults, but they are not (despite popular belief) contagious. Unfortunately for the sufferer, it is possible to have several at once, and to suffer with ulcers over a long period of time.

Types of Mouth Ulcer:
There are three main types of mouth ulcers:

1. Minor Ulcers

The most common type, responsible for 80% of all cases. They are small and usually heal naturally within 2 weeks. They do not leave any long term damage to the skin.

2. Major Ulcers:

Larger and deeper than their minor counterparts, and usually have a raised or irregular border. They are usually 1cm or more in diameter. Major ulcers may take several weeks to heal and can cause skin scarring.

3. Herpetiform Ulcers

Herpetiform ulcers form as multiple, pinhead-sized sores. The number of ulcers can range from five to 100. These tiny ulcers often fuse together to form larger, irregular shaped sores, which are very painful.

They are not so common; around 5-10% of mouth ulcers are herpetiform. Despite their name, they are not related to the herpes virus.

Mouth Ulcers Symptoms
Your mouth ulcer will be round or oval in shape, and range in colour from grey to white
It may have a raised border
It can occur on the inside of the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, the tongue or the inside of the lips
It will be distracting and painful, and may be irritated when you eat or drink
Sometimes, in very severe cases, you may experience a fever, energy loss and swollen lymph nodes in the area

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Helpline- 8010931122
Clinic Locations- 20, National Park (Basement), Lajpat Nagar Part-4, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Phone: 80109 31122

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